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199B Yokes


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Working as a professional motorcycle mechanic for twenty years I've seen a lot of damage done to fork tubes due to over tightening of the pinch bolts. Simply put there is no good reason not to use a torque wrench on all critical fasteners. None! and by critcal fastenrs I'm talking head bolts, engine case nuts and bolts, brake stays , fork stanchions, axle nuts. Any experience you think you have with twisting wrenches and using your elbow as a torque wrench is foolish. I prove this fact year in and year out with apprentice mechanics that think they know only to find out they've been torquing bolts to triple the rated spec damaging threads in engines and forks and brake calipers. Know your torque wrench. Have a torque chart available and use it.


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hi i do have a chart up on the wall that i refer to. same with the cylinder head i have a diadram that show the sequence and torque am not heavy handed. same with the clutch case and ignition case. i just wanted to make sure as iv.e not done the 199b yokes before there threaded the other bikes iv'e had have been bolt and nut job. the later yokes look better with the recess for the allen head. sorted now so job done cheers :icon_salut:

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hello Larry it is unlikely anything will happen as the bike dose not get used. thanks for the comments

My comment wasn't far off the mark, if your using it in competiting you would probably have the bolts well below max torque, and if your not ---- it doesn't matter anyway.

Edit to say, nice looking bike.

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Bondy -

The matter of threaded yokes must have passed me by until reading your o.p. - ......but there are pics. all over the internet of course to show this feature on late bikes.

My own 340 was just 6 years old when I bought it, but had the 199/199a etc. yokes (bolt and nut clamp). Mind you, it did have the slab-sided alloy tank.

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hello stanley no is the Answer to that. i just cleaned and rubbed down with some scotch pad then primed and top coat full gloss in 2 pack will have a look what the code is. i got it mixed at my local paint shop wouldn't bother going to halfords there paint is crap. this stuff i used is good paint. cheers bondy.

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