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My Bike Only Starts With Throttle Wide Open


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The idea came from a male nurse in Albuquerque New Mexico.(That`s why gauze is used.) The original filters were made in the back room at the Yamaha shop I worked at. A mechanic at Bobby J`s Yamaha made the first pleating machine. I bought my first one in 1972 for my JT1. After several Years, K&N Yamaha out of Tulsa bought the rights, and that`s where the name came from.

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oil not needed for uk trials, very little dust. wash the air filter after every trial if it wet and clean the airbox out.

I didn't know dust did not exist in the UK

But..... If dust is not in the UK then why are you cleaning the filter?

And what are you cleaning out of the airbox?

In my opinion, only snowmobiles and boat motors don't need air filters

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