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My Bike Only Starts With Throttle Wide Open


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Dry it off then with some kitchen roll only needs a very light covering but make sure its covered all over.

Do a search on the net loads of how to vids :)

have gave air filter a clean with hot soapy water just like and will re oil it once dry.

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It proves that if you put too much oil on you can choke the pores I suppose but filters are not oiled to keep out water, rather to catch dust, which we do occasionally get in the UK. Internal surfaces of air boxes (both sides of the filter) coated with grease for a similar reason.

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well i have never oiled a filter. you dont need to oil one on a trials bike if your in the uk,


Your call, it is your bike

But the foam IS NOT the filter

All it does is hold the filter oil in suspension

The oil IS the filter

So you may as well not run a filter at all if its not oiled

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