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Charlie Shopland


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Hi folks,does anyone remember Charlie Shopland and his father in the 60's and 70's on I think, ariel and greeves outfits.I'm trying to find any photos of them competing ,as charlie has told me he has none at all,and hopefully I (you) can surprise him.After finishing with sidecars Charlie has been really successful with trials cars down here in the west country.Hope you can help.

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Hi wobblywalker,


I remember the Shoplands riding and I know there are images of them in my archive - but sadly when I constructed the archive many years ago, my reference system was not by name of the competitors - but all 300,000 images will eventually appear in my digital magazine, ORRe - and now I have a marker to look for the Shoplands as I make the next selections - so please, bear with - but live in hope................




Deryk Wylde

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I knew the Shoplands when I lived in the SW Centre many years ago, in fact I recall writing an article about them for Trials and Motocross News in its very early days. If anybody has  a full set of TMX, I think you will find the article sometime between February 1978 and the end of '79.


They were actually a pretty good crew, SW champions as I recall and they also rode in a number of nationals. They were a rough and ready pair but sound blokes though I never knew them very well. 

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Hi Guy's.


 Nice outfit, Not a Ariel or a Greeves,But a very nice square barreled  Victor BSA with Ceriani forks.

And the chair does look very much like a Kendall and the one in the background.

Must be one of the last chairs built by the Bristol boys???


Oh I wish!!! I Was back then.


Regards Charlie.



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I was talking to Charlie last night and he bought up a few points that could be of interest to folks.

In the picture above, the chair was of Charlie's own design,as a young mechanic at the time with little spare cash,it was built with ingenuity in his spare evenings.He believes in the background is the 250 Bultaco of George Wiliiams and his brother,out of Minehead.The venue,probally Lynmouth or Stonedown (Exford).

One of the things he mentioned was the two stroke entry into sidecars,at one trial he watched someone on a big bore two stroke(make unknown,does anyone remember the bike or rider? Charlie thinks he could have come from up north,mind you we're in Somerset most of the countrys up from us! ) and thought that was going to be the way of the future.

After purchasing a second hand big bore twin pipe Greeves,Charlie said he spent countless hours trying to get the motor to produce the power needed for sidecar use.A huge lead addition to the flywheel,1/8" spacer under the barrel,a longer inlet manifold were just some of the alterations.It seemed successful,because after some good showings he was given assistance from Bultaco.

Once again,many thanks hillary for the photo.Regards Gary.

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Hi Guy's.


Probably before your time.


But I remember a very special two stroke engine but for sidecar trials.


 It was built by John Catchpole. who I think came from the IOM or ended up living there.


 He did come up with some wild and wonderful stuff during  his years has a sidecar driver.


The two stroke I seem to remember was built out of a side valve four stroke engine.


I bet Deryk has some pictures in his Archives?


Happy Days.


Regards Charlie..

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Hi folks,I might be a sad old git,but for me this is getting really interesting.I'm a kind of toolmaker(a trade that's all but dead now)but i'm really intrigued by anyone that can challenge the norm,I hope I'm not the only one who thinks like this.Does anyone know more about John Catchpole and other people who were ground breaking for their time? I would certainly like to know/learn more about the people that changed the face of trials/scrambling.

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