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'14 Evo Front Master Cylinder Problem


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Hi Folks


The front brakes on my Evo have little feel, and can be grabby. Last year the front brake would stick on then slowly release and eventually the brakes would just lock after brake application. I replaced the rubber plunger in the master cylinder and this solved the stuck brake problem, but the brakes still don't have a progressive feel at all. Now the front brake is beginning to exhibit the stickiness again. I used Dot 4 fluid as called for.


Has anyone had similar problems? Has anyone retro fitted another brake master on the bike?




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I have retrofitted ktm and husqvarna brembo I cylinders in the past with varying success. The first one I did is perfect, great feel, smooth and lots more power than the formula set it replaced.

This requires a hose change to one with 10mm banjos on both ends and is expensive to buy the master cylinder new but they do come up cheap on eBay from time to time

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Calipers need stripping often, There is always a build up under the front lip of the seals that most people overlook as it can't be seen. You can remove the pistons and it will look spotless but take a hooked pick to the under side of the seal lip and all sorts of crud will come out.


The Grimeca calipers have very soft anodising on the pistons and can wear through and create a groove very quickly, The Ajp ones are much better and last for years in comparison.

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I had a sticking front caliper that I rebuilt a few days ago. First time out today and it's all good. The rebuild kit came with pistons and seals. The new pistons measured ~0.003" smaller than the originals. Still snug on the seals. Felt fine today. It was easier than I thought it would be.

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