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Vic Brittain Trophy Trial - Entries Now Full


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Vic Brittain Trophy Trial entries are now FULL - sorry to those who haven't got in. A reserve list will be made for 10 places if we get any riders withdrawing their entry before the closing date.

Thank you to everyone, an overwhelming response. JT

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Thought I was organised  - sent mine off this week only to be told I only made the reserve list which is fine.


My only comment is going back to one of Mike Rapley's post from last year reference no show at nationals


"At the Jack Wood S3 Championship Trial on March 29, of the 156 riders entered there were 29 non-starters. At the Powys Trial a week later, also a round of the S3 Championship, of the 73 entries, 17 failed to take part and then on the following day at the Lomax also an S3 round, there was an entry of 120 – the maximum the club were prepared to accept – and a massive 34 preferred to stay at home."


I've never ridden the Vic Britain and maybe Jan trials are well supported as every body is keen but if like the Lomax riders enter and do not turn up would be a great shame to both organisers and riders like myself who may miss out on a ride. 


If people are not able to ride trials once entered a quick email/phone call can help everybody and is only decent manners.


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