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Which Was The Best?

marky g

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Depends what you base your opinion on. If it is on longevity and ridabilty (apart from the awful riding position due to too high footrests) then the Yam wins definitely. They are without doubt the most reliable, there must be hundreds still being used and they are easy to ride and still very capable. In terms of out and out performace capability though they are beaten by later monos such as the TR34 and Fantic 305 etc. but how many of those are still around now compared to the Yam.

I like the original TY250R from 83/84 with the small tank best for looks out of the Yams, but the 305 Fantic is another favourite for its looks and I also liked the way they rode.

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Had a 305 too...ex Cowley bike...I think he'd also used it for a spot of MX :)

too say it knocked a bit was an understatement !...good looks and nice power though..great suspension.

As you say Woody, there are still quite a few Yams about at not too silly money...I saw a 245 Fantic on ebay recently which made about

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I always liked the look of the 335 but never actually saw one ridden never mind rode or owned one myself. I did have a 304 (basically a 242 mono) which was the baby brother of the 335 but it wasn't as good as a mono Yam by a long way. Neither was the RTL in my opinion having ridden both at the time. Doesn't matter how much they're worth now, the Yam was easier to ride, performed better all round and was generally unburstable, they would put up with loads of abuse and just keep going, as testified by how many are still being ridden today.

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I'd have to add one vote for the TY250. I never actually had one - I was a Fantic man at the time. The 301 Fantic was nice, and fairly hardy, but the TY250 (which I rode in one trial, but was beaten by one in many) was the all round package.

Just been racking my brains to remember who it used to be - Richard Brown from Great Ayton - bugger (among others :) ).

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In my very biased opinion :) I don't think there is anything that comes close to the Yam.It won at every level from beginner's at club level and at World Championship level albeit just one round.They were simple, reliable and were over engineered in some area's which means that there's still some kicking around today.

In fact nostalga has got the better of me and whilst unable to ride at the moment due to a knee injury I decided to restore a pinky Yam.I had the footpegs changed and lowered slightly,inlet manifold shortened,exhaust port raised and ported,flywheel lightened and the Carb jetted which all works well together and I reckon that in the right hands could win at club level easily.


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Aha! now I know who Hughesy is now! Wasn't it the sight of the "Big John" TY250R that inspired you to get a Pinky? Am I on the right track here?

Ride feet up...

Big John

Yes Big John your're to blame!! Sorry John what I mean't was seeing your Yam reminded me how great a bike they were. ;)

I think this is my 5th Mono now and is for keeps, so you might see me riding it in the near future, knee permitting. :):D


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