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  1. montman

    Kickstart Question

    No Dabba that is the bolt that holds the kick start onto the shaft. Beta do not list this bolt/screw that holds it together at the knuckle where the spring and ball bearing are separately.
  2. The two bikes were stolen from a garage in High Wycombe over the night of 1st October 2013. Bike details: 1. 1967 250cc Greeves Anglian - silver with red tank. Engine No. 161FC780 Frame No. 24THSA278 2. 1994 250 GasGas - red. Registration L 299 MJO Engine & Frame Nos. VTRGG099325931608 Owner Pete Hawes is particularly attached to the Greeves as he bought it new and rode it for about 40 years before retiring and it is now ridden by his son. If you know or hear anything please call: John Tel: 01628 473509 Mob: 07917617448
  3. Hi Peter If you thinking about changing - Go 250 - will do anything you can manage and maybe the gearing might suit better. But like any bike it just has to suit you!
  4. Thanks very much - Hopefully be there
  5. Thanks - just been to the French WTC and cannot make the SSDT this year
  6. Could anyone out there tell me if this trial is being run this year and a date?
  7. Had Wulf boots for a year - Found them very comfortable and good value although not very waterproof as all other boots I have used through the years.
  8. Sam Haslam entered on a JLI Beta 300 -Thats interesting?
  9. You need a December copy of The Sporting Motorcyclist or failing that if you message me I can let you have an e-mail address for the 'secretary'
  10. I've had Wulf trials boots since last year, worn them nearly every week, and have been very pleased with them.
  11. montman

    gear box oil

    I have found when refilling 400ml of ATF works best for clutch action and has not given any other problems. Maybe 450ml from empty.
  12. Is there a French World round this year? I cannot find any information anywhere.
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