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Hebo Boots, Help, Questions On Fit?

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I have had the normal oiled boots for many years, blue, I cannot recall what technically they were called, I wear a size 45 my foot is a 10.5 (usa) and they have alway felt great.  they fit my wider style foot really well. 



I bought a newer pair maybe 4 years ago, that was the greyish or carbon fiber looking, and came with the bootie for the inside to keep foot dry,  Maybe some of you had that era of boots?  that was closer to last new type before coming back to life this time around?  If you saw or had them, you will recall that the shin plastic was kind of shaped like lump sticking out to angular instead of just a flat type shield of the older design. here's the pic, of version like the ones I had, not the color but era/design.



I got the same size and all, 45, and found that the foot area was pretty narrow at the arch, and hurt my wider feet, so I had to sell them off and luckily found some barely used normal oiled ones on fleebay.


Well all those are worn out, looking at the hew boots by hebo, since I have worn hebo and liked the quality until that one pair.  


SO, Have you guys worn these and what was fit like compared to the older style good oiled boots??   Or versus say the latest Forma boots?  I can wear the Gaerne, but hate them soft gum soles.  I am hoping that Hebo went back to the older style foot/sole patterns, and need to know, am I wishing against the possible here?


tell me what you think.

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The brown leather Hebo ones are still in the catalogue called the 'Technical Evo.' They have the flat shin plastic, not pointed, as Hebo seemed to have dropped the pointy look. Maybe they are similar to your older ones.


I also tried the new Hebo Tech Comp with the snazzy wire fastening but found them a bit too different in fit for my taste


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I have a pair of the brown oiled Hebo,they're tight round the ankle and harder to get on and off compared to my Forma oiled ones.If I were buying a new pair ld choose the Forma they're more flexible and very slightly wider

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