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Ram Yam Trials Frame


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Hi all , I brought a 175 TY and some thought it was a s Miller hi boy frame but it turns out it may well be a Ram Yam frame, it's a1976 model,

Can anyone through any light on the Ran Yam frame as I would like to get to the bottom of this .

Thanks for any info.

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From what I remember (which isn't much), Rex Pile converted 22 Mick Whitlock Whitehawk frames to take a Mono shock.


These are what's know as RamYams.

R for Rex

A for Autos.

M for Mono.

YAM for Yamaha.


There does seem a lot of confusion about them and quite a lot of people still seem to think Rex made them in twinshock form too, though I don't think that's ever been confirmed. 

But you'd think they'd be badged as RATYAM!


I seem to think the Ramyam and Whitehawk (for 175/200) didn't have rear frame loops, just two bars and the Hi Boy had a rear loop to the frame, but a pic of yours might help.


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Thanks Guys for your imput ,

I contacted SMiller and gave him the frame No but that was the number dvla issued it with when it was registered and that Number meant nothing to him so he thought it was not one of his !!!

So your thoughts are one of his so that's good enough for me.

Thanks all for your help.

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Hi Sorry a bit late to this forum, but i can confirm that your frame is definitely not a Rex Piles RamYam, i was lucky to pick one of his bike a while ago, and as said before there is a lot of confusion about them, so i decided to try and contact the man himself.

After a searching the interweb i managed to find him, and he gave much info about his bikes, and no he did not make any twinshocks only monos, and only 22 of those.

As said yours is a Miller frame, i also went down the same route as you with Miller, and he was less than helpful, and said that he had never heard of RamYams

Hope this helps OXBOY

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Hi Oxboy, thanks mate for your imput, I met Sammy Miller and he was most unhelpful almost wish I had not met him!! Back in the late 50s & 60s he was my idol with his Ariels but you would think he could be more helpful on identifying his frames,

Best of luck with your bike,


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