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  1. oxboy


    Hi Dave Norcott has them on his web site www.classicspeedwayandgrasstrack.com, what do you have Trials or Grasstracker? Regards OXBOY
  2. oxboy


    Well I've got to say im surprised, i posted a request for info on the Elstar trial bike a while ago, over 700 views but not a thing, usually the combined knowledge of the forum can come up with something. Thers a good article about the bike on the BSA Otter site if anyones interested, and if you have one of these bikes or know anything about them I'd be very intrested in hearing from you
  3. oxboy

    Elstar Help

    Is there anyone out there who has an Elstar Trials or knows someone who has, pictures, sales info etc, info on these are hard to find, Don Morleys book and the "Otter" web site are the only source's i have found, any help would be greatfully received
  4. Hi Sorry a bit late to this forum, but i can confirm that your frame is definitely not a Rex Piles RamYam, i was lucky to pick one of his bike a while ago, and as said before there is a lot of confusion about them, so i decided to try and contact the man himself. After a searching the interweb i managed to find him, and he gave much info about his bikes, and no he did not make any twinshocks only monos, and only 22 of those. As said yours is a Miller frame, i also went down the same route as you with Miller, and he was less than helpful, and said that he had never heard of RamYams Hope this helps OXBOY
  5. oxboy

    Ossa 250 Mar Rebuild

    Hi I am in the process of rebuilding two MARS a standard 71 and a Gollner, ive used Steve Sell for parts and a bottom end rebuild, and always found his work and parts to be spot on, he does admit it can take him a while to answer calls, its not his main business and has to fit it in around work, Stick with it, Steve has a vast knowledge and huge range of spares, and im sure he will be able to help you out, if all else fails he should be at Telford later this month Regards OXBOY
  6. oxboy

    Whitehawk Tank

    Hi Ive had a couple of Whitehawk tanks resprayed with twin pack in Post Office Red, I think this was the original colour used, but if its not, its a good match, sorry don't know the RAL number, hope this helps
  7. oxboy

    Tank Covers

    Have a look at the Shedworks site they do new covers in white or yellow and supply new decals
  8. Hi Ben Give Ian Perberdy a call on 07786911425, he also has a web site called Yamoto, he has done work for me and I can recommend him OXBOY
  9. Hi John Have a look at Tank Care Products, ive used it on a Whitehawk tank, and seems to work OK, but time will tell OXBOY
  10. Hi I have just had a look at the forum, just a couple of points, Sammy Miller did not sell Whitehawks, Mick Whitlock produced and marketed his own bikes, the tanks on Whitehawks were fibreglass, with a "W" embosed on the left hand side that covered the air box, the tank shown on your bike looks like a later Miller type If you need to see some pics search google images, there is a pic of a mini with a red tank leaning against a wooden wall, i know its a mini, it used to be my bike
  11. Further to my previous post, Whitlock frames have been known to have porblems with cracking, i had a "mini" that had been repaird on the front down tubes where they meet the gusset, Whitlock also made the frame for the Suzuki Beamish this to suffers from cracking around the headstock As for numbers made, Whitlock did not number his frames, so there is some debate how many he made,i think there are more than six, the mini was made as the next step up from the ty80 and designed for youth riders who found the full size bike to big. Whitlock made 4 models of Whitehawk the 80 (white tank), mini 175 (blue tank).standard 175 (red tank), and a 200 (white tank) all the frames were brazed
  12. Its a Mick Whitlock frame, for a "mini Whitehawk" slightly smaller than the full sized Whitehawk, you can tell by the front down tubes that have a slight bend in them, the full size bikes had straight tubes, the frame is made from Reynolds 531 tubing,
  13. oxboy

    Pink Oil

    Hi Jez & Henry Forgot to mention theres a useful video on Utube on how to change the seal, it will help if you have not done this job before Bob
  14. oxboy

    Pink Oil

    Hi Jez & Henry Yes you have water in the oil, most likely the water pump seal has gone, easy to fix, remove pump, fit new seal, be careful not to pinch the pump ( this happens if you push the seal too far in ), top up, change oil, happy days Regards Bob
  15. oxboy

    Ty175 Whitehawk

    Hi Everyone Its time to stop this nonsence, i am the the previous owner of the bike, obviously Mark has issues with the bike, which he is perfectly entilted to air, what i can not understand is why he had to drag Ians name into this, im sure that he is not happy to be associated with the negitive remarks about the bike, so to get strait for everyone who reads this forum. IAN PERBERDY HAS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BIKE, HE HAS DONE NO MECHANICAL WORK, OR SUPPLIED ANY PARTS FOR IT, IN FACT HE HAD NEVER SEEN THE BIKE UNTIL THE FRIDAY BEFORE THE SHOW, HE PUT THE BIKE ON HIS STAND AS A PERSONAL FAVOUR TO ME I consider Ian as one of the nice guys in trials, his work and parts are excellent, and i would reccomend him to anybody who wants a first class job. Mark if want to take up any of the issues you have with the bike, you can do so through this forum or contact via messages. OXBOY
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