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Sherpa 250 198A Front Brake Feeling ?!


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Hi guys,

Did my first event a few weeks ago on the 198 and I'm not sure how the front brake should be, or made better with the appropriate advice...............

Bearing in mind I ride a modern bike as well with a front disc brake, but the Sherpa has had new grooved quality shoes fitted , the brake drum has 90 percent of its lining still on and the cable is a V make cable although old has been oiled.

The cam has been cleaned and greased but the cable on brake activation seems to come back to the bars no matter how I adjust it, I accept prior to that braking does commence.

Am I expecting to much ???

Back in the day they seemed better.

Any advice?????

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The original linings are in my opinion better than what is sold as a replacement today, I cant seem to get any satisfaction

from the new stuff.

I have seen posted here on TC places where you can get good advice & good brake service in your neighborhood.






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Also check the hole in the brake plate. You have stated that you have lubricated this but it is steel to aluminium and I have seen some with a lot of wear that does not help with brake action and also gives a spongy feel. All my bikes have had this hole bored out and a thin bronze bush fitted.

As per ibhbul in post above. I do not get on with the new replacement shoes sold today. You will find there is as many opinions as Bultaco owners on brake shoes but I avoid the replacement shoes and send mine to Saftek in Cleckheaton, to be re-lined.



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I have found on my Sherpa`s that EBC shoes seem to feel the hardest out of the two brands still available today. They just feel harder at the lever. They won`t ever feel like disc brakes though. Also put a new Venhil cable on it. That will improve things a lot. Graham.

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