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  1. Firstly I would replace the coil. If it's the original it's probably 30 years old. Go for the later ducati type coil, they are not expensive. coil
  2. Common mod was to fit steel liner and use alternative piston. Very often Suzuki 185.
  3. You will most likely find that the drum has worn, so new shoes will be to small and the wrong radius, best to check size and have oversize linings fitted. Nick.
  4. What you need to do is skim out the wear lip, you can do this by mounting the wheel on spindle and clamp the spindle in a workmate or similar, then spin the wheel and grind out the lip with a dremel. You can then fit oversize linings, I use Villiers services, tell them what size linings you require and that it's for a trials bike, costs no more than buying a standard set off shoes.
  5. Hi Paul, as a rough guide ex is 35 to top of port 52 to bottom. In is 68 to top and 87 to bottom.trans is 42 to top and 52 to bottom, all from top mating surface.
  6. http://www.motorcyclesport.org.uk/trials_dates.htm
  7. You may be able to drill the hole deeper and re-tap and use a longer bolt in conjunction with plastic metal.
  8. Best bet is to get your shoes re lined with oversize linings at Villiers services,as the drum will be worn. Measure your drum and work out what thickness lining to use, I think they do .5 mm increments. Any new shoes you buy will be to small.
  9. 1.6mm or 18'BTDC. There are corresponding marks on the fly wheel. Nick.
  10. Try putting the clip on the inside, or lock wire it, or both!
  11. Hi Doogle, you will need to contact the VMCC for this, they will send you a form to fill out with an explanation of how to proceed. Nick.
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