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  1. gautrek


    Ok thanks. So probably fill up at lunch them on a larger trial. I know my 1937 trial Panther uses less than a gallon for out 8 laps of 8 sections trials. Do it's probably a similar range then
  2. I got both trial bikes out today as the panther needed a good clean after being stuck in a bog on the last trial a few times. There is a few years between these bikes and the Montesa will be a bit different to throw around. I think the Panther weighs twice as much as the cota
  3. gautrek


    How long should I expect a tank of fuel to last on a 2005 Cota?
  4. Why didn't Honda design a Bash plate with 2 holes in line with the drain plugs so you can drain the oil without taking the sump guard off? Also if they expect you to remove the bash plate to drain the oil why didn't they fit steel inserts in the farme so you are not screwing into alloy? What mare I had had this weekend. First off the rear bolts wouldn't come out so one needed drilling out so I could then rotate the plate to loosen the other one off. I wouldn't mind but new oil came out of the gearbox when i drained it. So this was a waste of time. Then when i tried to put the plate back on the front bolts threads were knackered so needed helicoiling.
  5. gautrek

    new bike

    I popped out to work today and when I came back I noticed that someone had put a Cota 4RT in the back of my van. I must admit I pleased with thsi bike as considering its age its not in too bad nick. I just need to get the knack of starting it. I am getting better at starting it but its going to take some time to get my leg and brain educated. The only issue is the master cylinder for the front brake spat its fluid out at the shop. So that needs sorting. But thats not a major issue. I would like pointing in the direction of a manual as my google foo seems a bit weak at the moment. I would prefer a hard copy if possible. I just need to learn how to ride this without hurting myself.
  6. After having a nice chat with SWMBO i managed to convince her that me buying a new ( old ) trials bike would be a good idea. I currently ride my 1936 trial Panther in my local clubs pre 57 series. But I fancy spreading my wheels a bit and doing some modern ( but still easy) trials. Plus I have just applied to join shilton club and it would be a good idea to have a newer bike to dick about on. So I'm looking at around 2010 bikes ( still cheap and there seem to be plenty about). So my question is Which to avoid. I don't intend and probably will never be able to ride up the side of buildings and do stuff like bunny hopping. Its more just for a nice bike to ride at my leisure and do very basic trials. I'm quite taken with a cota 4rt as i Like the 4 strokes. Are they a nice easy to ride bike. Or should I go for a Gas Gas or something like that? Is there any advantage to a 2 stroke over a 4 stroke ( obviusly weight and compactness ). is one easier to ride than the other? I'm a total newb to modern bikes.
  7. Yes I enjoy this as well. The Taverners section ( VMCC) will be sending another party of up to 10 riders again this year
  8. Why not get someone else to phone up and get them sent to their place ?
  9. Or try getting some made up if you have no joy.
  10. We now have the stupid situation where even though all the councils are whinging about not having enough money my local council now has 2 guys sat on their fat arses by the entance to the tip. Their soul purpose is to ask you as you go in what you have . They then tell you which skip to put it in. I feel like saying I can f***ing read mate so go and do some work. So that 2 more wages i am paying through my taxes to ensure that the council gets a bit of money from hard core dumping as they have decided to charge for that. But yet more hardcore is now dumped round the local lanes
  11. You did ride past me at one point in the afternoon. We had stopped at the top of opne of the climbs and you rode past. I too am suffering with stiff bits . I did have a massive fuel leak so didn't stop for the sections as I didn't know if I had a enough fuel to get round. Plus people were worried at me catching fire. I have stuck some shots up on facebook if you use it https://www.facebook.com/TheTavernersSection/photos
  12. I thought it was only me that did that. I took a tyre to the tip the other year and the guy said we don't take them. So I said shall i just take it out to the countryside and dump it there then . He said I don't care. My council has just started charging for hardcore as well. So suprise suprise there are more piles of hardcore dumped around the area. In the long run it costst them more to clear the mess up than just taking the bloody stuff in the first place.
  13. You could always speak to the green spark plug company. I did when having issues with my Panther dieing in the hot summer a few years ago. The plug he recomended is still in and the bike never misses a beat.
  14. The springs turned up today and I have decided that I will re cork the clutch first. As that may be the issue all along. But the springs look like they may fit my trail bike clutch.
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