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  1. Yes I enjoy this as well. The Taverners section ( VMCC) will be sending another party of up to 10 riders again this year
  2. Why not get someone else to phone up and get them sent to their place ?
  3. Or try getting some made up if you have no joy.
  4. We now have the stupid situation where even though all the councils are whinging about not having enough money my local council now has 2 guys sat on their fat arses by the entance to the tip. Their soul purpose is to ask you as you go in what you have . They then tell you which skip to put it in. I feel like saying I can f***ing read mate so go and do some work. So that 2 more wages i am paying through my taxes to ensure that the council gets a bit of money from hard core dumping as they have decided to charge for that. But yet more hardcore is now dumped round the local lanes
  5. You did ride past me at one point in the afternoon. We had stopped at the top of opne of the climbs and you rode past. I too am suffering with stiff bits . I did have a massive fuel leak so didn't stop for the sections as I didn't know if I had a enough fuel to get round. Plus people were worried at me catching fire. I have stuck some shots up on facebook if you use it https://www.facebook.com/TheTavernersSection/photos
  6. I thought it was only me that did that. I took a tyre to the tip the other year and the guy said we don't take them. So I said shall i just take it out to the countryside and dump it there then . He said I don't care. My council has just started charging for hardcore as well. So suprise suprise there are more piles of hardcore dumped around the area. In the long run it costst them more to clear the mess up than just taking the bloody stuff in the first place.
  7. You could always speak to the green spark plug company. I did when having issues with my Panther dieing in the hot summer a few years ago. The plug he recomended is still in and the bike never misses a beat.
  8. gautrek

    Cub Clutch

    The springs turned up today and I have decided that I will re cork the clutch first. As that may be the issue all along. But the springs look like they may fit my trail bike clutch.
  9. gautrek

    Cub Clutch

    Cheers for that. I need some new springs for a burman 3 speed clutch and its smaller than the normal size. So these may do if i cut them down
  10. gautrek

    Cub Clutch

    Can some kind soul give me the dimensions of the springs for a tiger cub clutch. IE overal length, inner and outer diameter. Cheers
  11. Just out of interest 1 of the guys got a mark for leaning in one of the sections. Is this for when they have their feet on the rests but seem to use them with their body weight to climb up the vertical edges?
  12. The only problem with comverting it is that you will either need a cable to operate it or some kind of cross over linkage. Nether idea is good. Just get used to it mate. Also what about the gears? Are you going to alter that as well? I currently have my trial Panther with LH brakes and an upright gear lever, a BMW road bike with RH brake and a normal LH gear lever, My Ural outfit with RH brake and a heel and toe RH gear lever and ( fingers crossed ) will have this summer a road going hand change Panther with RH brake which pivots from the front of the bike. So yes you do get used to it and only occasionally try to brake with the gear lever and vice versa
  13. Yes I spoke to him at the talmag. One of 3 panthers there . Yes you are right the engine is twin port 1938 engine. But its a RP frame I have with 250 brakes. Plus the gearbox is from my 1937 trial bike. So I am calling it 37.
  14. Nope mate. I'm to s*** to do anything serious like that. I bet it was Andy Widdle ( think thats his name) on his panther
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