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78 250 Beamish.

steve shakeshaft

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After looking around for a few weeks and seen the twin shock bikes needing restoration generally go for too much money I've decided to buy a pretty immaculate 250 Beamish. I "DO" intend to use rather than look at it.

Is there an "authority" on these that anyone knows of that could check out some minor details for me that I "think" are non standard? I know the tail pipe is non standard but "sensible". But the rest of it I think is pretty pukka. I think its mainly decals that are a bit "iffy" (I think I have a source for these) and I thought it should have fork gaiters. A couple of small areas on the swingarm are getting thin on the chrome and showing the underlying Nickel, but thats fair wear and tear IMO. Thanks.

PS. This picture is from the vendor. If anyone can advise me regarding details I will take more pix when I get the bike home.


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Much too high. :ph34r:

I'm trying to verify that it IS a genuine '78 Red/Black. There are five things wrong as far as I can see and I'm working on those. Four are easy fixes.

1) The "SUZUKI" decals should be Gold not White.

2) The engine side cases should be polished. Easy one that.

3) The "S" decals from the side panels are missing.

4) The exhaust pipe "might be" from a '77 model, pretty sure in fact. Not so easy.

5) Seat cover is incorrect.

The WES silencer is obviously only a couple of months old but can be removed in a couple minutes.

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I wholeheartedly agree. But I'm a fussy b*stard at the best of times. Longer term I am lead to believe it would have a big efect on potential resale value. But I hope this bike will be a keeper. Wanted one for a long time. I fully intend to ride it when I have it sorted to my satisfaction.

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A really nice example.

The exhaust looks right to me - I had a black and red Beamish in '78, (then turned it yellow in '79, including fitting the yellow 325 guards) The pipe finished just behind the rear shock, no tail silencer as standard. WES made a tail silencer back then but it was a slightly different shape, from memory it made the power a bit softer and the bike a lot quieter

Only thing I can spot is the original bike had black fork boots.

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Hi Subira. Many thanks. May I send you more detailed pixs of the bike after I get it home tomorrow? I would appreciate the help. One (I think knowledgable) person has said that the 78 exhaust had an oval tail pipe with baffles and a 77 pipe was the same but with no baffles and a round tail pipe. Until I take the WES silencer off I cannot see properly. But that is the first thing I'll do! The silencer was added a couple of months ago and is new. Many thanks.

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I know the later RL250N, which was similar to the 325 Frame and engine had a tail pipe as standard.

But the earlier bikes (Red & Black, or Yellow) that you have that used the TS250 based engine didn't have a tail pipe silencer. I have an old B&W picture of mine after it went yellow, with the WES aftermarket pipe on. Will try and scan it in when I'm at home over the next couple of days.

They also had almost transparent white mudguards fitted as standard. Don't get me wrong yours is the tidyest one I have seen for a long time, I'm just clearing my memory out from what I remember of the bike.

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