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  1. Someone else went swimming at that spot you weren't alone Kinell. Said 'other' person didn't even have a bike
  2. According to the Sky EPG tonight, it's on Eurosport2 Thurs 25th 17:30 BST. Set the PVR!
  3. subira

    Day 1 Photos

    Looks just a little on the damp side to me:) Got to feel for the guys who are AOT in the photos and face the rest of the day soaked through. I hope the riders, their bikes but most importantly the Photographer managed to get dried out before today's action.
  4. Quite a lot on the engine side if I remember correctly. The Mike Estall bible has all the detail, but don't have it to hand at the moment. Bearings are the biggest thing that I can think of, the later points engines were really beefed up on the bearing side as the bronze bushes in the early motors were prone to failure, later models are roller bearing. Then its worth getting a needle bearing conversion on the crank, and that's not possible with an early con rod. The advice that I was given and that I took was 'If your thinking of spending any money on building a trials cub engine, then find the latest set of cases and cranks that you can'. I have scanned in a number of useful Trials Cub mods articles that explain most of this without going through the Estall book, PM your email and I'll send them on
  5. Charlie - did you make a decision?
  6. Use a 'trunion' to the mudguard stay seems to be the most popular.
  7. There's a pic of Duncan Macdonald's Ariel in Classic Dirt Bike Issue 10, Page 32, it looks very tidy, as you'd expect. Not sure how period the forks are as they look very similar to those on Woody's Majesty that is in the same shot - and those aren't standard either . Knowing Duncan the finish will be 'factory' but very definitely not standard. Haven't seen any close ups of Duncan bike anywhere, but it would be worth a look at when considering what to do. This issue of Classic DB is a bit of an Ariel fest, as they test Gaunties 'slightly modded' version over a couple of pages.
  8. There's practice with HUX (Hillingdon and Uxbridge) down the M40 at Denham on 2nd & 4th Sundays. Berkhampstead MCC (Berko) have their own practise area that is open more frequently, down M40 round M25 a couple of junctions (or cross country if you prefer) Clubs? Take your pic: Wycombe, Farnham Royal, HUX, K&K, Berko all run trials quite close by. Head up the M40 will take you to Oxford Ixion or North Berks. Land is an issue, as mentioned, but as all the events are new to you, then you can make up your own mind where you like riding. Its easy enough to ride most weekends without travelling too far. Watch for Trials at Hook Woods and the Midland Centre events as well.
  9. subira

    Pre-65 Entry

    Last time I even bother entering. There's no way there's a ballot if the same names come out of that hat every year.
  10. Anything to do with the extra 'menu' item?
  11. Not many road trials in the South Midland Centre, but from where your looking to be based you can dive down into the Southern, or up into the Midland Centres. Midland have a number of road trials within 90 mins of Wycombe/Wallingford.
  12. subira

    Frame Upgrade

    I'd start with the parts book and get into the detail and compare the part nos, on the exhaust, brake, rad, hoses etc. Its the only way that you could tell for certain what has changed. Looks like the seat/air box is still the same unit. Have you any ideas on cost of the frame itself? Strip down process is very easy, I think I pulled my old 250 to bits on one cup of tea. You'd want to take a bit more time getting it back together, when you're sticking the motor back in there's a good chance of chipping some of that nice red paint.
  13. subira

    Kehin Jetting

    I had one fitted, this is what I have in my black book! Pilot 42, main 118, needle GFH, slide 3.5
  14. subira

    Big Mac

    Took my boy to the Golden Arches tonight for an Unhappy Meal, he had his kids cheeseburger and I decided on that delight that is the Big Mac. Now I might sound stupid but the burgers are now the same size, back in the day of getting a Big Mac in Slough High St, on the way to/from Windsor Comp Shop / Sid Morams the Big Mac was Big. What has happend to: Two all Beef Patees, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickle and Onion all in a Sesame Seed Bun in the last 20 years?
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