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Marzocchi Fork Tube Replacement


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A buddy is looking at buying a 2013 Gas Gas and he told me that the fork has a pretty nasty ding on it.  Here is a crop of the photo he sent me.




To me it looks really bad possible going thru the tube thickness.


Anyways, where can I find a replacement tube (new or used) and how much do they cost?  How much is a replacement fork (new or used)?


Will another fork (like a Formula Tech) fit on that bike without too much trouble?


Finally, my buddy is on the heavy side (230 Lbs / 104 kg / 16.5 stones) so he's wondering if there are stiffer springs for this fork (and bike) and what stiffness would he need (he's a novice).


Thanks for the help.




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For other forks you might need other tripple threes. Marzochis are 40mm, tech is 39.


Forks are for sale e.g.



There is also one in their outlet



Not sure if its the right type? white type?


I think jistie (e.g) distributes heavier springs

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Couple of sets of forks on eBay, also one stantions for £50.00 with slight damage.

Gas gas have been using the same stantions since 2009 / 10 up until 2015 so find an old set of forks and swap out the stantions.

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I damaged one by grazing it on rocks and made it good using black nail varnish, It did surprisingly well and cheaper than a new tube at £240. I got a quote from 'Bodycote' to re-coat the black surface £400 +VAT each.


A possibility to temporary repair the one pictured could be to use a a double bubble epoxy to cover the hole and then smooth it down to blend it in.  


Secondhand is the way to go! 

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Dherbey Moto has tubes (new) for €233 Euros... so that might be the way to go if the damage it too bad.  Altho a new fork is only (!) €670...  So it might be better just to get a new fork (considering that the "damaged" fork will probably need new seals, an oil change and possibly bushings) and sell the old one for parts!!!


Decisions... decisions!

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