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Fuel Mix Ratio


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Beta Boy, it says on the label;

"TT TRIALS PRO-Strawberry scented synthetic 2 stroke oil"

and on the back all the blurb about running cleaner, less deposits etc.

Of course it may be just MX5 with something smelly in it but I'll stick with it for now and see how the bike runs over a period of time.

I got it from Haven Trialsport (01469 532600) but I guess that most trials dealers will probably be stocking it.

The PJ1 Silverfire also comes highly recomended.

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My '95 Techno was always run on racing fuel with a 100:1 mix of Elf synthetic. In my '03 Rev 3 I use a 50/50 mix of racing fuel and super unleaded pump gas with a 100:1 mix of Elf synthetic. I am almost out of the Elf, and we can't get it in the states anymore, so I'm going to switch to Ipone.

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at 70:1 what does that work out to in ml for 5 litres, i've just been running mine at 50:1 ? without sounding too numb what difference does it make either semi or fully, the beta handbook just says synthetic ,just interested if anyone can enlighten me Thanks.

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Excellent chart r2 thanks

Now i can convince my m8's that 100ml of oil to 5 litres of fuel is too much.

When I ask them what they are running on after they've blackened my face with soot when i'm behind them they tell me 100:1.

When i ask them to explain the ratio they tell me 100ml to 1 gallon can B)

I've tried to educate them but they just dont listen, this chart will help B)

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