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Ec Enduro Series Based On The Jt/tx/txt Engine...?


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Read last night that the EC series of enduro bikes, that ran thru the noughties were based on the JT/TX/TXT engine....is that true?

I had several EC's from 2006 up to 2011 models and all were 100% bullet 'n bomb proof, whilst all around me my friends pumpkins were throwning all manner of rattles out of the pram.

My friends used to call my little gasser EC-200's the 'lil woosh woosh....whilst they were changing out parts on their katooms as I looked on smuggly smoking a Marlboro light...

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The Pampera of the 90's and early 00's was more based on the water cooled Hiro trials engine. I think the EC from that era was heavily modified if it was based on the orignal Hiro design. 


Correct me anyone if i am wrong. We have several other experts....



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The first GasGas enduro engine was in 95 and was designed by ex trial rider Bony Geebelen and is based upon a Honda engine. This engine remained virtually unchanged until last week and the new GasGas EC reveal. It remains to the be seen if the "new" GG Ec engine is the old wrapped in new covers.


The trial engines bear no similarity to the enduro engines . The trial engine was based upon Miller's Hiro. The design was adopted by Villa. When Villa went bust it was subsequently copied and developed / modded by GasGas. It remained the basic unit until Serra's pro engine.

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I agree. I had an EC200 and a TXT200 and they had very different power plants. Unlike the fact that my Sherco X-Ride 290 and ST250 have pretty much the same engine. From my experience I would say a trials engine really isn't well suited for a full on racing enduro bike. They however are a lot of fun in a light weight trail bike that can run on the road if needed.

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