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Jumbo Project/Tank badges


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Hi motopelli, how did u get on with the 3D cad version. I can help out if you need. Or send me the 2D and I can model them up. 


Just looked at my 84 Jumbo, and I think I have some screen printed replicas installed. But attached pisture anyway for future reference.

Jumbo RH.jpg

Jumbo LH.jpg

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Sorry for the long delay in getting to the update. Thanks to zisco for the artwork I was able to create a better CAD. I had some printed out and they're just adequate. The resolution is pretty rough. Yellow plastic with painted lettering. These will be ok for now. 

I'm happy to share the CAD file with anyone who wants get there own made up.  


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Hi Nigel,

My post above from January 21 shows the printed badges. I had them printed with a filament printer hence the coarse resolution. I’ll have access to an SLA printer shortly and will have another go at it then. 

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I need some of these for a Jumbo thats not quite finished !

@ Martin M.  are these the ones that I had a pair of a while ago (years ago) that we were talking about a few weeks ago or are they different ?


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