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Agree there's not as much buzz in the forums as when Ishy, Perce, Gizza5, Highland Lassie, OvertheHill and others were regularly posting, it was always interesting getting the inside line from HL when she was the Secretary of the trial, at the same time as OtH was CoC.

Think we would all agree that the weather has a major part to play in spectator numbers.  I've seen Lagnaha 4 deep and the car park full as it was on Monday there, also not so many when the wind was driving the rain in our faces on a bleak grey day a few years back.

Thought the Pre-65 was quite a bit down on numbers this year though, may have been the Guy Martin effect bumping the numbers up last year though...

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2 hours ago, andyrothers said:

Spectators only 4 deep today at witches burn... apparently A82 blocked on Tuesday with queue for Corran ferry with spectators going over the other side

I can vouch for both those claims, Witch's Burn was thronged today


Cracking Trials spectacle and has to be the event of any trials fans year

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