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I'd like to see more of the top foreign contingent taking part. Back when I rode there would be a long list of the top riders in the world riding and this was an opportunity to ride along side and against them. Its a shame that the only real challengers for the title are from domestic riders. Make no mistake I'm quite patriotic, but I'd prefer to see all the world's best riders compete in the world's best trial. I've heard many rumours & comments, especially when Cabastany  rode that the observing was inconsistent and biased in favour of "home" riders. Whether or not this is true, the six day seems to have lost its appeal to the factory riders. Is this down to the factories themselves or the riders not wanting to compete in a "traditional" style trial?

Ok so going back to the O.P.

I think Doug will be hard to beat, but Brownie is finding his form and confidence again so I'm sure will be hungry for the title. Aside from these 2 there is a long list of riders that have a realistic chance. Jack Price & Jack Sheppard both are as good as anyone on their day, but can they pull out the stops for 6 days when things get tough? I hope so, It will be nice to see some of the young guns giving the "oldies" a run for their money.      

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1 hour ago, cleanorbust said:

Top foreign riders taking part in the SSDT? Different times, I'm afraid. 

And, from their point of view, almost a different sport.

I don't disagree, I just think its a shame.

I love watching those guys perform their art! 

But the majority of riders cannot relate to modern world championship trials, its become so elitist.

I still believe that there is scope for them to compete in trials like the Scottish 6 days, Its just whether or not it appeals. I remember watching Albert Cabastany ride up a section in the Scottish, he just floated over the big boulders, it was amazing. I remember thinking, I wish I was there riding myself instead of just spectating. 

The Scottish used to be the most prestigious trials event  of the year, much like the Open Championship in golf.

In my opinion its important to try and maintain tradition and that the factories should consider contracting their top riders to compete in the Scottish 6 days in support of this. Though I do understand & appreciate that Its probably not cost effective or practical these days to do this. 

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