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rl250 cdi


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evening guys

ive been busy with other road bikes for a while but have just picked up a late 76 early 77 beamish...

i have no spark 

generator is kicking out voltage.

so i figure cdi unit is U S or coil pack

does anyone know any coil test readings 

but im leaning towards cdi unit....so... does anyone have any links to tests/repairs for them..?

sorry for any typos im using a tiny phone at the moment

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They aren't repairable. All the components are set in a resin. The same CDI was fitted to the TS185/250 air cooled range so you may be able to pick one of those up easier. I've asked Rex Caunt to do a replacement but he says it won't be possible until later next year and Electrix world haven't replied to my request yet. They aren't a brilliant unit, if you try strobing the engine the timing jumps all over the place. Also fitted to Hiro engined Armstrongs.

Check the 3 pin connector for corruption first though.

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cheers guys 

i did order a cdi from dk spares today. ive always found them fair and if the item is faulty they usually replace it foc....they done me a deal on a coil too so hopefully will be running at the weekend...

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just an update as i dont like reading threads that tail off with no conclusion.. 

new (ish) cdi from dk motors...pretty much 1st kick and away ...

it runs good and strong and pulls like a train...

thanks for your input 

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