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199A running refurb.


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There is also a very small seal that fits inside the final drive sleeve gear shaft, you need to replace that as well as the big one around the outside of the sleeve gear shaft. Also check the bush that sits between the seal and the gear shaft as these can get worn by debris underneath the seal which means there may no longer be a good contact between it and the ID of the seal. I don't think they're available new but remember if you have to get one made they need the recess on the inner side fo r the O ring

Re; the broken bolt on the shock mount, drill a piece of bar in one end to fit over the protruding part and weld them together. The heat often helps free of the threads if they've corroded in and the leverage on the bar helps turn it. If it snaps off you're no worse off really as drilling out is the final option

For info, you don't need a speedo fitted for an MOT, only required when actually using the bike on the road, so for the MOT you could just remove it

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Thanks for all advice.New spoke , wheel bearings, brake shoes,  sprocket nuts and bolts, rear tyre tubed michelin  all fitted to wheel.Ordering rock shocks tonight as old betors unserviceable. 

    i bought a pattern seat cover from in motion, any advice on how best to stretch/fit/hold to take out wrinkles and fix? .seat base and foam are good.


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