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Well done Vertigo, lovely looking bike to get the kids excited, only comments would be, how about some protection on that exhaust pipe ?

Little people falling off in the mud and they don't have the self preservation instincts ( or burn experiance ) of adults to know not to touch it.

Will it be entry level pricing or is it a rich mans toy. 

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I question the philosophy behind these bikes. Electric bikes have captured the junior market and the world of motorsport is only going in one direction. Why on earth would you put a kid on one of these when theres at least a 50% likelihood in 20 years time Trial E will be the dominant class. Also, will they introduce a non electric youth class for these? I doubt they would stand a chance against the current electric models.

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The reason to put kids on them would be if they have a clutch, gearbox, and normal rear foot brake setup. This is the main issue with current kids electrics. If they have auto clutches, I agree they're pointless. 

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I believe the Market is elsewhere hence why they are building them. Personally A Beta 80 rival would be a better bet in the UK. They have however brought out a 125cc Fi model which to me brings the Age profile down a lot more effectively.



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