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Fantic Model Help Needed


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ive just got a fantic 212cc, it has a monoshock

disk front brake and drum rear brake how can

you find the model and year of the bike. :D

i have changed the statement about the brakes in my haste to post

i got them the wrong way round :beer:

the bike is white with yellow

and is the same shape as some models ive found they range from 1989

to 1992..

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the last f/disc rear drum bike that fantic made was the 201/241/301 "progress 1" series which were red and white in 86.

late in 86 they made introduced a "clubman" model which had drum back and front which was a cheaper option.

they also released a "progress 2" model 201/241/301 which was the same bike as the progress 1 but had a red/white/blue petrol tank and a stupid front brake setup which had a cable/disc front brake- a cable leading to a master cylinder that was mounted where the front no plate was then down to a normal disc - crap spongy setup.

in 87 they made the 203/243/303 models which were twin disc and red/white/blue but a completely new bike.

in 88 the bike was the same as 87 but mainly white/yellow.this still had the same weird front brake setup.

in 89 it was the 205/245/305 which was a new bike which looked brill and was white and flo orange.fantic usually made roughly the same bike for two years at a timre then realeased a different model.

any 200/201/203/205/207 model was a 156cc

" 240/241/243/245/247 was 212cc

" 300/301/303/305/307 was 249(250)cc

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my old man has a fantic progress 2 i think its an 87 model, front disk but cable operatied with master cylinder seperate, rear drum aircooled mono

white with red and blue decals

very smooth engine excellent in mud, grips up everything the new bikes struggle on

he bought it new so there must be some paperwork for it somewhere, will look for you

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