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Miller Bultaco or Whitlock?

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On 02/11/2018 at 8:12 PM, trialsrfun said:

Could the frame be a Macdonald 

The frame joins were not brazed, this would be far too weak. The preferred joining method would be bronze welded as used by most frame builders, some refer to it as Sif-Bronze welded but the Sif part was a welding component manufacturer. Don’t think any of Mr. Millers frames had the rear loop removed at manufacture, the Red tank Bultaco frame rear top closed lugs look to be a professional job done when the frame was built....that’s from my opinion....which might be different if I was actually looking at the frame in person. John Lee at Higham Ferrers dabbled in frames, Eric Cheney also made a few as did quite a few others. Wasp were also producing frame kits and Geoff Chandler campaigned a Bultaco engined RT4.These all looked similar but none had the rear loop deletion. Either way the Red Tank Bultaco looks great no matter who made the frame? The Blue one is very nice too!?

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For the unconvinced :-


There you go.............

Picture page 40 of Don Morley's  "Spanish Trials Bikes"   ISBN 0-85045-663-0 (pub. Osprey Publishing Ltd. 1988)

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Picture attribution
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