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Will Benson

2002 Gas Gas Txt Pro

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Hi All 

I have a gas gas txt pro 280 2002. When i bought the bike it had been stripped down and i am on with rebuilding it. I am having issues with the clutch. I have renewed the piston and seals in the leaver, a new clutch hose and new seals in the clutch housing case in the master cylinder part. I cant seem to get any feel in the lever at all. I have tried with a syringe sucking the air from the bleed nipple, I have tried with a clear piece of tube connected to the bleed nipple and putting pressure on the leaver to push the fluid through and i get just clear fluid with no air but still no pressure in the leaver. Any help would be appreciated. No kinks in the hose either. Thanks in advance!  

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Three suggestions:

1) Search this forum as "Can't get pressure on the clutch" is a question/issue often raised.

2) Use your syringe to push fluid from the slave back/up to the master.

3) Verify that the plunger on the master is moving to the outer (c-clip) stop and that you're getting the full range of motion. You need to ensure that you're moving the seal so that the orifice to the hose is exposed, otherwise the line will never pressurize when the lever is squeezed.

Be methodical in your debugging; there are not a lot of pieces to the puzzle. :)

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Be certain you put the seals in the right way round too! Gravity works but takes time.....clear tube on slave cyl. nipple, other end of tube in container with a little fluid to immerse tube into. Undo nipple1/2 turn, you should see some fluid movement. Keep reservoir topped up as the levelgoes down and allow about 1/2 a tea cup of fluid to go through. Close nipple try clutch👍👎usually works, but so does the syringe method. Make sure both ports in the reservoir are clear, you should see the master cylinder piston moving passed the larger port opening and closing off. 

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