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TR33 piston ring

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9 hours ago, edashmead@verizon.net said:

Push ring into the cyl from the the top, about 1/2-3/4" down. Then feeler gauge on the gap against the cyl, not at the pin gap. 

Put ring into bore where piston ring doesn’t normally reach....this is relatively unworn area square up with pistoncrown now measure ring gap. Its not usual to measure between the ring and cylinder wall. There are some good videos to show you how on google.

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On 2/14/2019 at 2:42 AM, edashmead@verizon.net said:

So I know how to measure the gap, just did not explain it well.  Still wondering about original question - is there a source for rings?

pretty sure not. Exactly the same as tr34 no pistons no rings afaik.........????

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Just had a quick look on Google and Goetz seem to state that they have a wide selection of piston and rings. As I understand it when you want to manufacture an engine for mass production or a one-off, the designers specify the requirements and the various suppliers look at what they have in terms of manufactured stock. In other words by referencing they tell what to use. 

So out there somewhere is a supplier that may well be able to match the specs from their stock. As for rings I’ve taken a pattern to a local engine remanufacturer who plopped the ring onto a magnifier and produced a slection of options for me to select. Without being petty about it....if you are determined you will eventually find what you are looking for and don't discount the idea of searching in other areas such as the marine (outboard) industry. 

Then theres the China and India route.....😳

In all of this I hope it may be helpful🙂👍


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