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Looking for inexpensive footpegs for 2013 EVO 3004T

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Just bought a used 2013 EVO 3004T and have been having a blast riding in my yard everyday after work like when I was a kid.  Bike is super quiet and the neighbors down't care.

Anyway the foot-pegs are messed up. Looking for some foot-pegs, they can be steel or Aluminum. Don't care.  

The stock pegs are $50 a piece plus shipping.  Looking to spend $60 or so total for 2 pegs.  Don't need no fancy $150 pegs. I am also willing to put on used pegs if in good shape.

Along the same line I bought some pegs from eBay for $39 that look like Fastway pegs and were beautiful. Unfortunately they didn't fit. If you know of other bikes that use the same pegs as the EVO that may allow me to get some peg from eBay or online somewhere else.



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Could you file the eBay pegs down to fit?  I've done that with another bike, the spring fit was actually the biggest issue.

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