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Leaking water pump seal 300 4T 2017

Dean K

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  • 3 months later...

So the new OEM seals and shaft started to weep after about 50 hours after I replaced them. It wasn't leaking that bad so I kept riding but keeping an eye on the coolant level (just a slight drip so maybe a few ounces lost) now after 131 hours I took it apart to see how bad the shaft was and it was worse than the first one that I replaced. I put in a new shaft, and left the old seals in, started the engine and warmed it up and they are not leaking. Going the see if they hold up with just replacing the shaft. I believe the shaft needs to be made from a better material or I need to try those non OEM seals that are softer on the contact area. Anyone know if I could have the shafts built up and reground or sleeved somehow? Replacing the shaft at 50hrs. is not cool.

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Hello Everyone,

This thread saved me. I was ready to tear the Head off my bike for a leaking Head Gasket. Thanks for posting. I am waiting on parts. So, I have not removed anything yet. 

Does anyone have anything new for the good of the order? Can anyone provide any more details on how to make the tool for removal of the pump shaft, photos, different angles, other solutions, anything? Beta should provide a little something for this when you buy the bike.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


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Okay, I set the TDC bolt on the bottom of the case (6mm Allen Head) and wrapped the water pump shaft with a small piece of nylon window screen and small piece of masking tape. I tightened up a medium sized Crescent wrench on it and gave it a couple jolts. It loosened up no problem. 

I layed the bike over on its left side, resting on the handlebar end (not good. I know. But, I didn’t want that pump gear going anywhere down the cam chain shaft)

 I slowly backed out the water pump shaft, standard rotation, until I felt it click at the end of the threads. I slowly pulled it out. The outer seal came out on the shaft. It was probably spinning around in the housing.

 I ordered the factory seal. But, it appears to be about 1mm too big for the housing at the outer diameter. I can’t even imagine it fitting in without crushing it. It is a super hard rubber so I am stumped about how to put it in without destroying it.

If anyone has any wisdom it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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