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  1. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    I put one thinner clutch plate in my 2016 300 4T Factory over 2 years ago. It made the clutch pull a little easier, it's still running fine, and i am hard on my 4t, often using third gear in tight spots.
  2. Break in procedure for a new 2018 Beta Evo

    My 2013 300 2T did, not my 2014 300 2T, nor my 2017 250 2T. So maybe it has been dealt with from the factory.
  3. Break in procedure for a new 2018 Beta Evo

    Ride trials sections, trail ride, stop and check the bolts and for leaks, don't wonder to far from the truck on your first ride. My 2017 Factory 250 started to overheat. Turned out it wasn't properly ground from the Factory. Just had to remove some more red paint underneath the ground wire. Don't scream the p*** out of it down a logging road you should be fine. Want to keep it longer than one winter? Then you will want to take the linkage apart and regrease it with a good brand marine grease. Don't forget the headset and to peel back the rubber seals on the wheel bearings and fill em up. On 2 of the last 3 brand new Beta's i have bought new have had broken linkage bushings with just a few hours use on them. I also put teflon tape under the lever perches so they will always be able to give way in the event of a crash. I also cut off half of my shifter knob so it has less to grab when sliding down the rocks. Spokes have been pretty good theses last few years, just keep an eye one them when new. The two very front bolts that hold the skidplate to the frame come loose sometimes, blue locktite them. Fenders are crap, buy a gasgas front fender and brace, put the stocker away on the shelf for when you sell the bike. For the rear fender i remove all the bolts, and turn it into a one piece setup by putting two wood screws into the side of the airbox lid (underneath into the hole that holds the airbox cover to the airbox) You have to trim a little off the hole so the fender will fit flush. And also find a round-nosed bolt to replace the bolt that holds the airfilter secure. Then i use two zap-straps to hold the fender on. (always carry extra zap-straps in your bumbag). Have not done the Beta clutch mod on my 2017 250, just don't feel it's needed as it was in the past. Other than the plastics Beta's are pretty reliable and should give you many hours of fun. Enjoy.
  4. Reed effects on engine character

    So i spent a few hours on the Beta 250 2T (with the recently installed V-Force v351C reedblock) today, the changes i made seemed to work well, pulls smooth and even, then after about 15 minutes into the ride i would loose power, would surge and seemed to be running out of gas, barely idle, stalled a few times after jumping up a ledge. Adjusted the air screw to two and a half turns. Then it seemed to clear itself up, didn't have any trouble after that. Water in my gas perhaps?
  5. Reed effects on engine character

    V351C - Raised the clip on the needle yesterday, adjusted the air screw, seems to be running a little crisper, pulling better up and down the driveway. Find out on the weekend how it works out in the field.
  6. Reed effects on engine character

    Got out today on my 250 with the new v-force reeds installed, bike does pull stronger from idle to mid range, but the Boyseen reeds pulled harder from mid to top end. Still feels a little rich, will need to play with it a little more. Theses reeds would further smooth out a 300. As comparison i even rode my friends stock 2016 250 Evo. It still felt stronger than my 2017 factory. Today was full traction everywhere, so you couldn't go wrong. On those wet muddy, slippery off cambers root's, my 2017 Factory will find grip better. Riding on grippy dry rocks, big screaming uphills, you would like the Boyseen's better on a 250. You would probably get more value for your dollars playing with flywheel weights.
  7. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Got to try the v351c v-force reeds out today, pulls a little smoother and stronger off idle up to mid, but not as strong as the boyseen reeds from mid to top end. Still feels too rich, will have to play with it some more. Pulls the nicest wheelies. I can see why you would like these reeds on a 300.
  8. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Got em, says V351C right on the box. They look awefully cheap and plasticy! Will try them out on Sunday.
  9. Reed effects on engine character

    Got the Vforce reeds the other day, says v351C right on the box, 28mm round opening in the throat. Must say, they look like something Tamiya or Revell would make (cheap plastic!). Had to trim one piece of plastic off to fit, and of course the rubber pieces out off the manifold. Tried it in the driveway, seems nice and smooth, pulls real nice wheelies. Will get to try them out for real on Sunday.
  10. Reed effects on engine character

    I put the carbon tech reeds in my 2017 Factory Evo, didn't notice much difference. I did notice a stronger, quicker pull when i went to a #50 pilot (from the stock #48) I have just ordered the V351B V-force reeds from Moto-Tassineri, (with the softer 3P412M reeds installed) they will be here on Friday. Give me a week or so to install and evaluate them. Please note the 2017 Factory 250 Evo has a VERY soft powerband, my buddies stock 2016 250 Evo pulls much stronger than my bike.
  11. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Just ordered a V351B from Moto Tassinari, got them to swap out the 3P412H reeds for the softer 3P412M, they even gave me 10% off. I'll let you know how they work out on my 2017 Factory 250 Beta when they get here.
  12. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    KTM 85cc is a different part#, also different distance between the four bolts, will not fit. Moto Tassinari does have some dimensions for the 351A and the 351B, but not for the 355. Might be worth contacting them and asking if they will sell the inner replaceable piece seperately. Don't know where your riding but my 250 has to rev up to 1/2 or 5/8 throttle and sometimes even 3/4 often enough to get my 225lb plus up our hill's and steep ridges!
  13. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Just noticed something else, the V-force3 reeds have an inner slip in piece, different between the 50cc (round 21.6mm) and the 65ss (oval 30mm) Does this inner piece just pop out? Is it hard plastic or resin? and do you think the smaller round one could be ground out ? I also notice that the newer KTM 50 and KTM 65cc (2009-20015) have an updated part# V355 both A and B. They show this model as using the same size gasket as the 351, and using the harder 3P412H reed, so it must also work. However they do not include the inner dimensions. Would have been nice if Moto Tassinari had answered your face-book inquiries, but i guess that they didn't sell enough trials parts to make it worth their while. I tried the Boyseen carbon reeds in my 2017 250cc Factory Beta, didn't notice much difference. Noticed a better improvement when i replaced the 48 pilot to a #50.
  14. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    I noticed on the Moto Tassinari website that the KTM 65 also has a reed cage setup very similar, smaller throat diameter hole, but does use the softer reeds. I imagine using the stiffer reeds would not give you the quicker throttle response? They also make a reed cage set for a variety of 50cc European enduro engines, (Husky, Beta, Fantic, Aprillia, etc...) 351 B-S, does not give the inside throat size, but the outside bolt dimensions are very common. (Wouldn't be surprised if Girondeli made all the cylinders) What changes did you make to the carb to work with the V-force reeds?
  15. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Have you ever tried a Beta 300 SuperSmooth? That bike has the nicest power i have ever tried.