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2020 4rt, anyone got one?


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On 12/14/2021 at 11:25 PM, retromlc said:

I have a 2020 repsol, i have never ridden a previous year, but the engine breaking is only slightly more than a 2T,as in virtually none, the bike has been great but had a torrid time in thick clay mud,the lack of ability to find grip was frustratingI tired gear 1-3rd,off the throttle cluch,revin the tits off it then trying to grip when shutting the throttle,grip was like ice. overall the bike is bloody awesome, I'm thinking about getting some set back footrests, apparently this can help with grip, maybe an IRC rear tyre.

This is definitely covered in other parts of the Montesa forum. When I got my first 4RT about 6 years ago (after a 12 year break but had always ridden 2Ts) I had a nightmare on slippy banks with no run up. The “rev it nuts and it’ll dig in just didn’t seem to work” and easy to spin out. Somewhere on the Montesa forum  someone described the technique to drive it like a tractor - so much smoother versus on/off 2T approach. Worth looking for the views as they were really helpful for me at least. Good luck!

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For the really muddy stuff I have tried to copy some of the good southern 4rt riders.

Its almost 2/3 revs but constant  - maybe 3rd gear  - slip the clutch at a consistent point and control speed and grip with back brake - once you get momentum you can really sit into the bike and give it the beans.

I can not confess to be an expert at this technique  -out of maybe 5 goes 3  I rocket up the climb  -1 is almost a total loop out and the 5th is a spinning mess!!.

I don't ride that kind of mud too often so only practices it now and again  - but watching some of the other 4rt riders who have it down to a art it works well.


For normal type mud its essential to get get some revs on before the hazard and ride on the overrun - get some speed on then back off once moving and keep playing with riding on the over run.




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Jumping onto this thread abit ,my apologies but has anyone tried a 2022 260 yet? It’s had a fair amount of upgrades over the 2020 with Showa front and back and the new exhaust ,I’m really fancying one and the price is very attractive but I don’t know how it would weigh up against the 301??

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