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What rear trials tyre would you recommend for muddy hills / bogs. I currently have a Michelin x11 on and needs changed so I was looking at the Dunlop d803 or Michelin X-light tyres would appreciate your opinions and how long they have lasted.


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I have had good luck with Dunlop's and Michelin's in the mud myself.  But seem to recall people saying that IRC's are good in the mud, though I have never tried them.  I personally think the Michelin's are best over all so run them as my first choice, but with them being hard to get here in the US as of late I have been running Dunlops a lot as of late. 

My mind is that just a new tire is the best for helping in muddy conditions myself as it has a sharper edge profile but I admit I only ride middle of the pack skill wise so take this all with a grain of sand.  Good luck. 

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This morning, there's a brand new Dunlop GP 803 on my ST 250, it's not the first one I ride. I like the overall performance of the Dunlop. I ride in the mountain a lot more than competing.


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