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Boot Fit and Stiffness

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Garne boots are a good fit for me but they do not offer a lot of protection.  Once aged a bit, they feel like bedroom slippers so I want something with more protection.  I have been using MSR dual sport boots but they are obsolete.  I just ordered some Alpinestars but when I tried them on, they are too narrow in the ball/ toe area and skinny in the calf area.  Reviews suggest that SIDI is also small in the toe area.  Is there another brand that is wide in the front, has plenty of room in the calf and offers better protection.   How is the fit with Forma?         

One article reviewing trials boots even recommend these as trials boots.  Has anyone tried them?


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Not sure I can help with what trials boot, however I wouldn't go with the listed ONeal's.  My kid had a set of ONeal's, a lot like that set, in the transition between her small pit bike and the Beta Rev 80 we got her and they where to stiff, in the end we got my daughter a pair of the AplineStars and they are way better for her.  Maybe they would have softened up a bit more over time but it sure didn't seem like it. 

Of course she isn't needing the wider toe box and bigger calf so that isn't going to help you but hope the information on the stiff factor helps at least a bit. 

Good luck.

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