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Henley - RG9 - looking for riders


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15 hours ago, rich500 said:

Hello mate, I'm from the marlow area and always up for a practice, problem is where to ride! Have you got anywhere in mind near Henley?

Morning Bud.
Great stuff. I am looking for places to ride. I see that there is comp at the Great woods in Hambledon mid november. I might go and have a look to see if we can ride there.
My mobile number is 07498496789 and email is richard.webb@tankbeer.com 
Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully get stuck into some riding.. 

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29 minutes ago, gasserguy said:

You can only ride it if you pre enter the event and are a ACU licence holder. No spectators are allowed at any event due to Covid-19 at the moment.........



Thank you for the reply. Please can you send me the link to enter. I think I might as well. I will be useless but it will be fun. So why not.. 
Looking forward to meeting you @grasserguy 


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2 minutes ago, gasserguy said:

Thanks again, I appreciate that. Will you be heading down for the race. 
I have just joined as a member as well. 

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Great Wood is a decent piece of land, ridden there many times in the past. Generally a non expert trial these days so would be perfect for you to get started mate. Having ridden enduro previously you'll be fine. Enter as a novice and see how you get on - can always move up to Clubman with a bit of practice. 

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