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  1. Well done Hughie, cracking bikes! No excuses now though mate!!!!
  2. Thanks for sharing, was going to go but stuck at home with bl*ody covid so these will do nicely. 👍
  3. Good decision to start your trials life mate! To be honest i think you should try them if you can and see what suits you best, a beta 200 is a cracking bike to start trials on but then again as you're coming from a mx background you might want more grunt. I haven't ridden the latest gasser so can't speak from experience but I'm sure they're decent. I ride the latest Beta myself, am on about my fifth one now and I love 'em. There's a reason they're so popular...
  4. Was chatting to my old man recently and he mentioned Sammy Miller's regular trick back in the day was to ask someone at the front of the que to hold his bike while he had a quick look at the section then jump back on it skipping the que, he once asked my dad too which he replied 'yeah sure' then as soon as he walked the section my dad dropped his bike and rode off! Made me chuckle!!! Does happen too often though!
  5. Hi Hughie, I meant to have a chat with you at the Wycombe trial recently but didn't see you. Just to chip in with what others have said, I don't think the bike is the problem, in fact you have a pretty much ideal bike to start on, it's just all about practice, particularly throttle control, all novice sections can be ridden with no or little clutch, just on the engine, but you need to learn to be really smooth and gentle with it. A slow action throttle and flywheel weight will definitely help but what will help more than anything is practice! Just simple figure of eight turns and up and down small banks just using the throttle, you'll get there mate!!!
  6. You'll be fine Hughie, ridden there many times, I'll be there Sunday. Like Petert says, bit of everything but nothing too big. Just ride whatever you feel like.
  7. Yes I am but not many 'official' practice areas round here unfortunately, Nash Mills (Berko) is probably closest for you. Apart from there and Milton Buzzard there's Hook Woods but that's near Guildford so a bit of a trek from Aylesbury plus not very novice friendly to be fair. Best to try Nash Mills or try and befriend a local farmer with some woodland but easier said than done!
  8. Hey Hughie, I know Ken at Oxford Ixion (and the venue) well, they're a good bunch and you would be absolutely fine just to ride round and have a look on, if there are any sections you fancy having a go at then do so, if you don't like the look of it then don't. Meet some people and get some advice, get used to riding the bike and just enjoy it - you'll be fine.
  9. Plenty of familiar names in there, including my old man! Thanks for posting
  10. Great Wood is a decent piece of land, ridden there many times in the past. Generally a non expert trial these days so would be perfect for you to get started mate. Having ridden enduro previously you'll be fine. Enter as a novice and see how you get on - can always move up to Clubman with a bit of practice.
  11. Hello mate, I'm from the marlow area and always up for a practice, problem is where to ride! Have you got anywhere in mind near Henley?
  12. rich500

    Beta evo.

    Well as it's a 2011 and non factory then that price is probably a bit more like but I still would of thought about 2k so its a decent price at 1700. Fan shouldn't run all the time but they do often stay on for a quite a while when it gets hot - either way it's better than not running that's for sure! To be honest being a trials bike it will have plenty of general wear and tear, all trials bikes carry a few battle wounds but as long as it's been well maintained, regular oil changes etc through it's life then it should be fine. Might be worth checking if it's done the SSDT at any point as that can be tough on bikes, but then again if it's had an engine rebuild then all good really. Sounds like a good buy to me, Betas are great bikes so if you're new to trials it's a good choice.
  13. rich500

    Beta evo.

    What thall1 said... Get the VIN no just to make sure. Different plastics are not unusual so wouldn't take much notice of that. The fan running is a good sign. Value...hmmm not sure dpeends on the condition £2300 ish??
  14. Welcome to the sport mate! Prepare to get very addicted!
  15. For what you're after I'd go for the Montesa all day long... I had a repsol and the one thing I loved most about it was the blasts between sections, so much fun. You only have to look at how well they go in long distance trials like the Scottish. You could even go for a 300rr which would give you even more grunt for the occasional enduro play but still perfectly controllable when riding trials.
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