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  1. Great Wood is a decent piece of land, ridden there many times in the past. Generally a non expert trial these days so would be perfect for you to get started mate. Having ridden enduro previously you'll be fine. Enter as a novice and see how you get on - can always move up to Clubman with a bit of practice.
  2. Hello mate, I'm from the marlow area and always up for a practice, problem is where to ride! Have you got anywhere in mind near Henley?
  3. rich500

    Beta evo.

    Well as it's a 2011 and non factory then that price is probably a bit more like but I still would of thought about 2k so its a decent price at 1700. Fan shouldn't run all the time but they do often stay on for a quite a while when it gets hot - either way it's better than not running that's for sure! To be honest being a trials bike it will have plenty of general wear and tear, all trials bikes carry a few battle wounds but as long as it's been well maintained, regular oil changes etc through it's life then it should be fine. Might be worth checking if it's done the SSDT at any point as that can be tough on bikes, but then again if it's had an engine rebuild then all good really. Sounds like a good buy to me, Betas are great bikes so if you're new to trials it's a good choice.
  4. rich500

    Beta evo.

    What thall1 said... Get the VIN no just to make sure. Different plastics are not unusual so wouldn't take much notice of that. The fan running is a good sign. Value...hmmm not sure dpeends on the condition £2300 ish??
  5. Welcome to the sport mate! Prepare to get very addicted!
  6. For what you're after I'd go for the Montesa all day long... I had a repsol and the one thing I loved most about it was the blasts between sections, so much fun. You only have to look at how well they go in long distance trials like the Scottish. You could even go for a 300rr which would give you even more grunt for the occasional enduro play but still perfectly controllable when riding trials.
  7. Iconic bike though so good buy! Had one myself back in the day... John Lampkin should be able to help with sourcing parts. Posts some pics when you can - I'd like to reminisce!
  8. Classic bike the TY250....enjoy mate
  9. Looks in really good condition - one of the best I've seen actually. You've got plenty of time to polish it in the meantime!
  10. Welcome to the forum Romain! Must be some great freeriding where you live in the Alps! Hopefully we'll all get to ride again soon...?
  11. Welcome back to trials mate! You're never too old for bikes, met a chap last year who was riding his first ever trial at 72!
  12. Only one bike for you Bryan... Montesa 315. Problem might be finding a good one, as they get snapped up. (Wish I didn't sell mine years ago now). Perfect for beginners (and advanced riders really), smooth power delivery, ultra reliable and can be got on a fairy low budget - plus the beauty of them is that they hold their value really well, not many modern trials bikes do that these days! Good luck.
  13. 30 is nothing mate! You've got plenty of time and judging by the pic you're already making some great shapes on the bike. I met a chap at a trial a few months ago that was about to ride his first trial at 71!!!! ?
  14. Welcome to trials Mike! Be careful because it's far more contagious than the virus!
  15. Welcome back mate! You'll soon shake the cobwebs off...
  16. I certainly wouldn't describe them as fiery, completey the opposite in fact! I'm on my third evo 300 and can't get enough of them. Granted nobody at club trial level 'needs' a 300 but having compared them with a 250 I just much prefer the power delivery of the 300. Haven't tried a 200 but heard great things.
  17. Good for you mate, trials never leaves you! I met a chap the other day riding his first trial in his mid seventies! Age is just a number. All the best Bill. Rich.
  18. As @5again said it's far too early, normally Jan/Feb time...
  19. This debate could (and will) run and run, as @duggan says it's down to personal preference. As for myself I had years on 2 strokes, but simply had to scratch the 4 stroke itch so got myslef a repsol 4rt, I have to say it was the most fun I'd ever had on a trials bike, the problem for me was I simply wasn't as competitive as I was on the 2 stroke, like @davy1 I couldn't get it consistenty right, I found it unpredictable sometimes, so despite the fun it was frustrating when I'd clean a section 3 times then 5 it on the last lap after losing grip and couldn't work out why. If money was no object I would have both in the garage but as it's not I went back to a beta 2 stroke and was immediately more competitive. Had this dicussion with a few riders after a trial on Sunday and one of them even said to me 'I wish you'd go back to a 4 stroke again as I could get closer to you when you were on that!' Summed it up for me really.
  20. rich500

    Beta evo 300 2018

    Yep water is getting in there, reckon Huski is right...
  21. Welcome to trials mate! No harm in starting at 57, I met a fella the other week about to ride his first trial at 71! Plenty of slow figure of 8 turns in the garden will rid you of those motorcoss habits! ? Best of luck!
  22. Montesa 315 would be the perfect bike for you to get started on! Cracking bikes, will hold it's value too (creeping up if anything). Couple on ebay at the moment in your budget.
  23. Welcome to TC Chris! I had one of Steve Colleys Beta Technos back in the day, cracking bikes and still look good. Now go get it muddy...!!!
  24. Tim, first of all sorry for your loss. Re the mont, great bike to get started on, I reckon best place for spares/help is H&D, 315 specialists - http://www.handdracing.co.uk Best of luck getting it sorted and welcome back to the sport!
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