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Pursang Mk 7 clutch basket


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Hello, I’m hoping that some of the depth of knowledge on here in the trials world might branch out a wee bit!

I am trying to find a clutch basket for a Mk7 Pursang, 360cc, model 121. I can find examples of new and used baskets for other marks but not for the Mk7. I understand that there are subtle differences between the models but I do not have knowledge of what these are. I am hoping that someone might be able to tell me that a basket for a Mk6 might do the job for example? I’m also unaware of whether there are differences between the 250 and 360.

the old basket removed from my Mk7 is a 38 tooth duplex with an overall outside diameter of the basket of 118mm and the hub bore is 52mm to accommodate the bearing.

Be most grateful of any information which might help!


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Thanks Scot Taco, yes the 250/360 are same part number it’s just there seems to be a lack of Mk7 in general. I’ve tried InMotion, they didn’t have a Mk7 and I was waiting on them getting back to me with some info as to other marks being a possibility. Hope to hear from them soon but they are extremely busy and I didn’t want to miss out on Something which is for sale just now and may be suitable. If I can’t get a suitable basket it puts the whole rebuild in question....there are brand new ones being made in Spain but Mk10 onwards. The options all seem to be either Spain or USA and if it have to buy from there I want to be 100% sure it’s the right fitment before I buy.



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