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How do you tell the model


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3 hours ago, GaryHyde said:

Thanks Woody....

Therefore frame number  M-49 is.....Sherpa T250 1968>1971

Thanks for the heads up 



There were quite a few design changes made during the model 49 production. Frame design, rear hub design, brake pedal design, seat/sidecover design and engine outer casing design all changed between the first and the last

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Following on.... just purchased a 198 with matching numbers...

However going further the frame has RR prefix and the engine has RM prefix what do these refer too?

It is also road reg and I assume wrongly the RR is “Road Registered”

But I guess that is totally b/s

help appreciated as always 



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1 hour ago, GaryHyde said:

So R = 250 & M= motor

Therefore 250cc engine 


A slight amendment to the info. I posted earlier :-

"R" prefix actually denotes 238cc. capacity of model 198, a late version still identified as  Sherpa "T250"

(Earlier 250's that were actually 247cc had a "P" prefix). Hope this doesn't confuse the issue too much......

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