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1998 Fantic K-roo 250- pricing question


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Never had trails bike before but always wanted one.

Local guy near me selling 1998 Fantic K-roo 250, asking $2000.

From the photos and his description bikes seems in very good shape.

My questions:

1. Is this a fair price for the model and year?

2. Is it hard to find spare parts in the USA?

3. any major issues with this model?


Thank you!

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Are you sure it's a 1998?

I thought they made them from around 1990 to 1993 or 4 and then they started making the Fantic Section around 1995.


The K Roo wasn't that great a bike and it's hardly a classic, I'd keep looking.

They also didn't ride great either, quite a tall bike with iffy upside down forks.

The radiator is slung under the tank, horizontally and they tended to boil over and spit scolding hot coolant over you. Quite a few turned up on the secondhand market with cooked engines back in the day, no one could be bothered fixing them as there were much better bikes on the market.

I had a 1991 years ago and parts were virtually non existent back then. Same goes for the 1995 Section I had after the K Roo. I missed my Section, can't say the same about the K Roo!

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Thank you Goudrons2 for your reply!

The list says 1998 so I guessed the owner knows the year of his bike..

After reading your comment on the radiator and continue reading about it in other places, I decided to keep looking. 
Any way I always liked the air cooled vintage dirt bikes/ trailers. 

I now came across a 1986 Fantic 301. Looks in good shape. 
owner want $2500 or BO. Seems high to me, but the bike looks really nice. 

as I understand from your previous comment- also hard to find parts for this model? Do they share common parts with other brands like Beta or Gasgas?  

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Htrdoug, so you suggest I consider going on the water cooled K-Roo 250? You are not concerned about the issues with the radiator? (That I read online only) 

Right now I am not sure what is the year model of the K-Roo 250, but it's looking quite modern. It has a upside down front forks, water cool, light and 2 disc brakes. 

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2 hours ago, htrdoug said:

2500 bucks will buy a good early 2000s watercooled modern bike,then you can get to actually learning to ride trials, leave the air cooled and odd ball stuff to the guys who are into that kind of thing.


You want something newer that a K-Roo. If you just want a trials bike on a budget. something like a GasGas TXT Pro,  Beta Rev3, Montesa 315 

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I couldn't agree more, leave the odd ball stuff alone.

If it really must be air cooled, perhaps a Yamaha TY250 mono might be a better choice. They sold plenty and spares shouldn't be too hard to find.

For a water cooled "modern" bike, you can't go far wrong with a Beta Rev3.

If you're stuck on Fantic, a 200 or 240 twinshock in useable condition might push your budget, but you should have problems keeping one running and it shouldn't lose you a penny.

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