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Reed valve blades


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It's been a long time since I had mine but I think they are the same size as TY250 twinshock.  When they made their reed cages they would have used existing petals and at that time the Yamaha was probably the only bike with reeds fitted. The last petals I had in mine were two stage (Boyeson I think) and they were definitely off the shelf items.  TY Trials stock the Yamaha reeds

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if you've got a helpful EBC dealer near you their spec book gives all size dimensions for reeds and pads and brake shoes, very handy for a lot off bike builders, if you take a reed with you the pictures in the book are actual size. ;-]  Its sorted things for me over pads and brake shoes when I've dropped on a wheel or caliper during a build.


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Hi all,

I am rebuilding TR77 250 OSSA with a Reed valve conversation. When the engine was stripped down the following was found (Keith Horsman, Reed Valve Developments, Silsden, Nr. Keighley.) I have tried to trace Keith Horsman but no luck and the number is out of service. Has any one come across him and OSSA Reed valve Developments? It would be good to know any information in particular the original reed valve information. Attached is picture of the details on Keith. Any information would be of help.

Keith Horsman.jpg

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