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Trick Cub front forks needed


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Hi Folks, I'm an ex Midland centre ex pat living in Australia and need a bit of help with my Cub forks. At the moment they are heavy duty forks with external springs and very little suspension movement.

I don't have the knowledge of what Cub owners are fitting to their bikes in UK but keep seeing the words "trick forks". I know guys are fitting all sorts of internals but I don't have the facilities to carry out these mods myself .

Can anyone help with a pair of modified forks to fit standard Cub yokes and front wheel please.

I'm happy to pay the market price and all expenses including postage to Australia.

I prefer to be contacted on my email, twinshock2@gmail.com or through Facebook messenger to keep information private.

I rode all trials in the Midland centre  from 1960 to 1980 with Solihull MCC and Sutton Town MCC. 

There aren't many riders from those days still riding apart from Ray Barrett who I rode with in the 2013, 2015 and 2018 Manx Classic 2 day trial.

If anyone can help with a pair of good/modified/trick, Cub forks I would be truly grateful and look forward to hearing from someone who can help.

Mqny thanks

Roger Galpin


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Looking at some of the tricked out Cubs, Bantams, Greeves etc at recent Trials competitions, most of them bear little resemblance to the original bikes of that era.  Why not just get a brand new set of TRS or Beta forks and use them?  Or, buy a brand new, modern trials bike and stick a Triumph Cub badge on it?  Might as well.


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Personally I would like to keep the original lower legs of the Cub forks but need some modern internals to provide some more movement. I'm limited in facilities and know how to  build them myself, hence the request here for assistance,

Someone must have a set that have been replaced by something even better ????

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