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2016 250 evo factory overheating


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Was the impeller replaced in an attempt to fix an already overheating situation ?

First thing, are you sure it’s overheating? They do spit any excess water out once warm, cold level should be near the bottom of the header tank & not right up to the cap. Second, are you sure the fan is pulling air through the rad (from front to back as it would be if you were motoring along)? It won’t be the first time the fans been to be found running the wrong way & trying to push air through the rad other way - not nearly efficient enough. Third, although you say the stat is working, is it opening at the correct temperature & opening fully? Find the right trigger temp from dealers, then put in a pan of water with a thermometer & check when it opens. Finally, have you checked/flushed the rad ? There may be some cores blocked reducing its efficiency, I’m sure there’ll be many methods already on here for how to clear any blockages.

Beyond that I’m afraid it’s down to more experienced mechanical wizards, but I’m sure some more tips will follow.

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Fan running backwards.

Air trapped somewhere in motor coolant space.

Radiator coolant passages blocked.

Radiator finning blocked.

Blockage/restriction inside coolant hose.

Coolant lost into gearbox through water pump shaft seal.

Coolant blown out through overpressure valve by head gasket leak.

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Agree with all of the above, but check impeller turns with engine just in case pin has dropped out during manipulation.  Rad cap should be 1.4 bar earlier ones were lower.

If fan is running and in the right direction, check engine coolant system as per attached info.  It may be that the head gasket is leaking gas into the water space and forcing water out of the rad cap. 

Let us know what you find.

Beta EVO Cooling System Check.pdf

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