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  1. I guess you have to suck up the return costs in that case. How far away was the dealer ? Could you take it yourself & incorporate viewing some other bikes at the same dealer or elsewhere en route? Otherwise it’s £100 / £150 I imagine to chalk down to experience. I just hope it hasn’t put you off the sport !
  2. I remember you did question why sherco’s were cheaper ! Seriously though, I’d be mighty hacked off in your situation although as you say I doubt whether you’ve knowingly been sold a pup. Most dealers seem to be pretty decent, it’s a small community this trials scene so they’d soon get a bad name ( assuming they’re a known trials specialist dealer). I think I’d speak to them and ask for assistance to sort it, in terms of advice and maybe some low cost parts if required, but then follow that up in writing stating that you’re not happy and will be returning it if their suggestions don’t result in a quick resolution. I don’t know much about those rear tank shercos, apart from a few moans unfortunately about fuelling, ( it was a bit radical like the ossa of that time ), but I hope you get sorted quickly so you can become a happy trialler. Don’t be too down hearted, it’s only maybe a week or two till you can get out properly & reliably. Good luck!
  3. Well I wish you all the best. You sound pretty level headed and you’ve got yourself the upgrade you wanted. To be honest, a lot of what’s said about this bike & that, is a load of tosh from people who think they know, but actually aren’t necessarily talented or knowledgeable in terms of the technical side of things. They just repeat what others say. I’m just a plodder, i do what to me seems like good maintenance and preparation, and if I see results where me & my old evo have beaten some poser with all the new gear on a new bike then it makes me smile 😁. It was the same years ago when I had a 200 mont & the mono yams came out. The joy was in the ‘trial’ - can I beat the guy on clearly better machinery. It’s always been part of the joy of this sport, me against the rest, no ‘team mates’ to blame, just me, my bike, my prep, my performance. And always good banter between the rest of the entry. Those (posers ?) who think they can buy the latest equipment and be instantly successful soon get fed up & go onto some other sport. Good luck and above all enjoy this wonderful friendly sport. There’s not many sports where beginners can mix with the experts and even sometimes the almost ‘celebrity’ participants for a great day out. It’s a joy to be part of it.
  4. If you can, get along to your practice venue & try to blag a ride on a few different bikes, or maybe a dealer that has test area (some do !) so you can get a feel for each one that’s available. Try to bear in mind they’ll al be ‘set up’ differently with regard to position of handlebars & levers etc so might not feel right for you as is, but you get the idea. If you’re moving ‘up’ from the txt edition you’ll notice immediately that newer bikes are lighter ( possibly more ‘frail’ too ) across the board. I had the older jtx, which was similar to txt edition, then went to the early ‘txt pro’ which was noticeably more nimble. Then a later pro with better bigger forks which were a big improvement (post 2005). I tried a mates beta evo, but it steered so tight that at full lock it was going straight on pushing the front sideways ! Anyway a few years on I fancied a change, went evo & soon got used to it, just more weight over the front. Bike choice must be one of the most talked about things on here. It’s all subjective, pages & pages if you look, but if a particular model is cheaper there’s a reason, even if it’s just a trend that people don’t like the look or whatever. It might suit you fine, plenty were sold, but if it’s cheap to buy now it’s also cheaper when you want to sell ! I liked Gasgas but would be a bit wary of an older one now from spares point of view (taken over by Ktm), but beta spares seem plentiful, and also sherco via splatshop. Either way, stick with 250 max., plenty of power for 99% of riders. Good luck with your search
  5. I had an older ‘05 gas gas pro and that ‘old’ disc guard looks the same as mine was, albeit black where mine was silver. The ‘new’ one just looks completely wrong, more like the chain/sprocket guard for the other side of the swing arm, but clearly wrong hand for that. Could the photo have been mirrored somehow and some other confusion with part numbers and or photos ? All seems very strange.
  6. Oh yes, as rotors7 says, make sure they’re a good fit if it’s muddy. Sock feet & trials footrests aren’t a good combo.
  7. Builders site wellies are fine to start with. Those with steel toe caps and the fine ribs along the top of the foot and up the front. They give decent protection for if you bash your shins ( footrests bloody hurt !) and also if you end up with your foot/leg trapped under or next to the bike which can be quite a regular thing, particularly as a beginner. They’re not the best thing for ‘feel’, particularly on the brake pedal, but do the job. In years gone by those wellies were sold in bike shops as ‘Dunlop trials wellies’. Oh how times change. Have fun.
  8. feetupsbetter

    No spark.

    Seem to remember when I rang bradfords they gave me advice on what to check to confirm the stator was dead. Just a quick check with a multimeter confirmed in my case, but it was similar to yours, just a sudden total failure. Betas do seem prone to this fault and I was assured that rewound would be better than the original item.
  9. feetupsbetter

    No spark.

    Bradford ignitions did a rewind on my beta evo stator, very reasonable price & quick turnaround. They’re down in Cornwall but do postal service.
  10. I’d pretty much agree with all of the above. 250 is definitely big enough, don’t be tempted to go bigger. I’d have thought for 2 grand you should get a decent bike more like 2008 onwards. If you go beta you might find an evo (2stroke or four stroke), if you go gas gas look for post 2005 as they had an update that year with better forks. Look for a clean well serviced bike rather than one with fresh sticker kit, so check usual bearings chain & sprockets etc. Look out for odd bolts & rounded heads etc that give you a clue it’s been worked on by a less than competent person. Good luck & enjoy, it’s a completely different game from enduro and more skilful than you might imagine! Practice practice practice ! You’ll find a great bunch of people whatever bike you get and wherever you ride.
  11. Could also try Bradford ignitions at Hayle in Cornwall, uk. Did a great job on my evo stator at a very reasonable price.
  12. Yep I’d agree with previous answers. Points forwards but can’t remember whether it cranks out or in to line up with the chain tube mountings. Should be obvious when you have it in place. Still can’t decide whether they were any use or not those chain tubes. Seemed great when I had a mont 200c, saved all the mud being carried towards the drive sprocket, but still needed to clean the chain just like modern bikes with nothing similar. Maybe just been persuaded over the years that (relatively) open chain is ok.
  13. The heat would really need to applied to the flywheel to expand it away from the shaft. Heating the shaft may have some effect as it’s expansion, although restricted by the flywheel, may just dislodge the corrosion enough for it to lose its grip on the flywheel. If the engines out of the bike why not put the whole thing in the fridge or freezer for a while to really cool it down then take it out & re apply very localised heat around the hub of the flywheel, preferably with a modellers type fine blowtorch. Might just work. I always put wheel bearings in the freezer for a few minutes before fitting, it just takes out the interference and saves a bit of metal to metal contact. Once back to normal temperatures where both bearing & hub are equal, then all is well. Good luck.
  14. Ok guys here’s my two penneth, and I may be unpopular here. I’m just an average plodder,( higher end of easy course) been playing at it on & off for more years than I care to remember, and to be honest haven’t ridden for about 2 years now mainly due to house move across the country & then Covid. I have an 09 evo 250 sitting in the garage which I’ve had for about 5 years and really rode in anger for 3 years, and I really have no complaints about build quality, brakes or plastics. I’d say it’s better made than the gassers I had previously (last was an 05) so we’re talking older stuff here but who at grass roots level is so picky? I’ve never in the last 15 years of riding bust a mudguard, what the hell are you all doing ? I get that occasionally the bike might fall or crash awkwardly and that these things can happen, and I do think the price of parts is pretty huge. But, surely part of learning to ride trials is learning to fall off ‘safely’ as well ? I bought some secondhand plastics for the gassers but they ended going with the bike when I sold it. As for gearboxes & brakes, don’t they all occasionally jump out of gear ? Don’t you see a difference between each time you bleed the brakes, sometimes more successful than others ? Again part of learning is double checking when you select a gear to enter a section that you rock it and make sure it’s properly ‘in’, and also that you should be able to perform basic maintenance. (After all, trials was invented partly as a reliability event). Come on guys, stop blaming the bikes and being so picky, get real and see that they’re all pretty similar or they wouldn’t sell. God I wish I had funds to change the bike cos it jumped out of gear ! If you want a blue one buy it. If you prefer red buy that. But get back to the basics of enjoying the personal challenge that is the wonder of this sport. Sorry that this turned from a penneth to a quids worth ?.
  15. Photos would help too, many old bikes have had mods & changes over the years so if you’re looking at originality lots of people will be able to say ‘that’s not right’ or ‘that’s the wrong colour’ etc.
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