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Back & down footpegs?


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Does anyone have a recommendation for footpegs that are a bit back and down from stock?


I've not been able to find anything that looked good without costing the earth, and I don't want to re-weld the mounts

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To see how you like it (or otherwise) try removing the footrests and bolting them on the outside of the bottom part of the hanger. If good you can normaly fabricate a new part for the bottom bit and bolt it on. Have done this on my Armstrong and the brothers Fantic

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On 3/27/2022 at 11:13 PM, feetupfun said:

What bike?

A Rieju Tango 2.0.  Footpegs from a Gasgas EC250 fit, but are slightly higher.  Maybe I should try the ones off my Sherco ...

As for ergonomics, even with the footpegs changed they'll still be far higher and further forward than a trials bike, lol.  It's a physically small bike for a trailie but rides exceptionally well, so I want to move the pegs as well as raising the bars.

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