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pre 65 bike creation rules


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Hi folks,

Considering to create a pre 65 bike (winter(s) project idea) but I'd to know the basic rules that apply to building a machine.

Must it be british made only, frames and suspension mods allowed etc.

What is the trials definition of a classic? that may be an easier machine to create



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It seems the way to go is to pick and buy the type of engine you want, bantam, villers, triumph single or twin etc. Then get a Drayton frame kit, REH forks and Alan Whitton wheel hubs (he also makes a very nice frame kit slightly pricier than the drayton.)

This is what most are riding so conforms to the rules.

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6 hours ago, pschrauber said:

Oh just the engine has ? 


I thougt it should have a frame from that era too, likewise other parts should be (not must be) in general match with the era the bike comes from if still possible? 


Interesting topic... 

Don’t say that, you will start the rivet counters off…:rotfl:

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