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Foot pegs


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Think you need weld on brackets for the footpegs in mention.

Most people feel comfortable if they move the footpegs slightly rearwards and slightly downwards.

Slightly is up to a couple of cm. I like the S3 steel ones. S3 steel footpegs are reasonable light and are long lasting

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I absolutely love these pegs!  Have them on both my Sherpa and my 240 Fantic.  Affordable, strong, grippy, mildly adjustable and great quality.  Yes - you do have to weld the brackets into place (I purchased my universal brackets separately from In Motion) but it's well worth it for what you gain in the end.  If you're careful with a cutoff wheel, you can pretty neatly cut away your old mounts and save with your OEM pegs... just in case you sell the bike later on and want to include the parts needed to return to original.


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