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Txt 250 two crankcase halves won't join.. help please!


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Hello,  I'm putting my 2009 engine back together.

When I put the two crankcase together they won't meet even with some gentle persuasion... there's about a 5 mm gap and I don't want to force it and break something 

Have I to get the gears into a certain position? Or should it slide together in neutral. 

Is there some trick I'm missing.  I've watched Jim snells video but his just tapped together effortlessly!

Thanks in advance. 


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Just from personal experience I would put your crank in the left hand case (not in the right hand one where you currently have it). Put the primary drive gear on the right hand side, and fit the circlip, so at least then you know that the crank assembly is "home".

Put the gear set in Neutral to do all this.

Also put the engine dowel pins in the RHS case. (not the left where you have them). This allows you to fit the gasket on the right hand side case properly.

Then you are just placing the left hand side case over the RHS like a cap.

As you lower it down make sure the kick start spring goes into the appropriate hole in the case, then it should just drop down until the last few millimetres when the left hand side of the crank is seating into the LHS main bearing. It may need a gentle tap then just to fit this flush, but it is usually not much.


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