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Txt 250 pro crankshaft seal removal magneto side


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Hello could someone please advise me.  

What is the best way to remove the oil seal crankshaft on the magneto side. 

I want to remove the crankshaft bearing to replace it. Does the seal get pushed out at the same time the bearing is pushed out? 

Thanks in advance. Gary


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Hi Gary

You need to split the cases, and remove the LHS Main Bearing to gain access to that seal. Once the LHS crank main bearing is removed you can get that seal out by pressing it towards the centre line of the bike. They do not come out together.

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FYI ... I've not done the work you're doing ... but I >believe< that the bearing is "special" in that there's an oil passage hole in the outer-race, and it must be aligned with an oil feed "pipe" in the casing.

It is possible that I've mixed-up that requirement for alignment with the clutch-side bearing; I know one of them is "special". Just be mindful of the possible requirement.


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